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personal blog an incomprehensible mess

Personal blog

url: abitsmartassy

mostly reblogs of stupid text posts and pictures of animals, beds, places, and things. also spams of pretty people, multiple television shows, and dumb boy bands, interrupted with the occasional personal update. don't go here. it's an incomprehensible mess and surprisingly gay place.

DCP blog disney college program experience

My Disney Experience

url: nowapproaching

follow my experience on the disney college program in fall 2014 at walt disney world. this blog also features a multitude of disney posts and reblogs, including movies, parks, quotes, and face characters.

twitter tweet tweet


handle: @aepaine

follow for tweets about day to day life and whatever other thoughts or rants I can manage to squeeze into 140 characters or less.

what where am i


i'm amy and you're on a navigation page - simple as that! this site - "efitzherbert" - was previously the url for my personal blog, but it was then turned into a redirect page and now repurposed for navigation means. if you have questions about the url, me, or the meaning of life, please navigate to the ask box on my personal blog. thank you.